About Us

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Keysoc Limited was established and joined Hong Kong Science Park Incubation Programme since 2013 as a mobile application development company, specialising in making iOS and Android mobile application, UI & UX design, IOT and cloud technology.

Who We Are

Our company Keysoc Limited is a Hong Kong based company that started its operations in the year 2013. It was initiated as a part of the Hong Kong Science Park Incubation Programme as a digital service provider. The company is developing and providing mobile applications and other software programs to its clients worldwide.

Keysoc Limited was established upon recognising the high grow potential in the mobile application development industry. With the advent of the smart phone era, use of internet and its related programs have become one of the most lucrative business industries. Although this is a very fast moving and quick developing industry, Keysoc has been able to make its mark with its cutting edge technology and exceptional team work.

Over the last two years the company has developed a large number of consumer mobile apps for both Android and iOS mobile systems. It has also been providing other digital services like UI & UX design and cloud technology to its customers. Through the innovative products and highly superior technological developments that company has earned a leading position in the mobile app development industry. This has been possible through the continuous hard work and dedication of our immensely talented and skilled team of individuals. They have the technical qualifications as well as the experience needed to excel in the practical world. Through constant learning and training they keep their skills and technical knowledge up-to-date and thus provide the customers with the latest technology products.

Our clientele is wide spread from large number of corporations, small and medium enterprises and a group of talented and zealous individuals looking to build amazing apps and digital systems for their business ventures. With the creative passion of our experience group of team members, we are delivering our clients the best software with high quality standards in a quick and cost efficient manner.

In this current year of 2015, we are focusing on our re-branding objectives to start more advanced IOT device development and mobile app development.

Our History